Top 10 UK Universities for Marketing 2017 – Complete University Guide

UK Universities for Marketing 2017Marketing has found a place in the current world as a crucial determinant to how a given product or service fares on in the market place. The term refers to the communication or publicising of the value of given products or services. Corporate bodies are thus very selective when it comes to the people to entrust with the marketing of their products and services since company’s financial success is directly proportional to the capability of these employees. Having the best credentials amongst a team of job seekers is bound to give one an edge in the shortlisting process for the interviews and finally getting the job. A degree from a well renowned University in the UK will do the speaking for you. Below is a list of the ten best universities where you can acquire not only a valid degree but also the skills and expertise to make your future employers and yourself successful.

10. The University of Manchester

Though not very consistent in the Marketing Subject Table rankings, the University of Manchester has earned its rightful place in the list of the ten best Universities in the UK in which to study marketing. The University offers a range of more than 90 courses related to marketing from which students can choose from. The University of Manchester boasts of great Graduate prospects and Research Quality hence making it a reasonable choice for a student to enrol to acquire a marketing degree.

9. The University of Strathclyde

This university still remains a top choice for marketing amongst the Universities in the UK despite having missed out from the 2015’s personal best of third as per the rankings in the Marketing Subject Table. The university is still renowned for imparting the best research skills to the students and it has Entry Standards that ensure that the top cream get to join them in order to have a reliable team of graduates being sent out to the marketing industry. Strathclyde has a sufficient number of marketing courses hence providing a number of options to those joining them.

8. Newcastle University

The Newcastle University have over the years managed to stay in the list of the ten best universities to study marketing in the UK. Their 2014 appearance in the Marketing Subject Table is enough proof that it is a top choice for those wishing to study marketing in the UK. The University continues to impress with their excellent facilities and the availability of High Tech Labs where the students get the best interaction with learning materials in the IT world. Students are entitled to career advice which helps them settle on the best degree based on their capabilities and interests.

7. The Durham University

The University still continues to suffice in the list of the ten best universities in the UK, though having missed out in the Marketing Subject Table in 2015. The cause of their missing out was due to the lack of data a new course introduced in that year. That issue has since been taken care of and the University is back to impressing with the provision of experience, honing of the students research skills and with the best feedback on the satisfaction of students’ expectations. The marketing courses at Durham University are, according to its owners, “varied and dynamic”. With the integration of various disciplines such as Economics, Philosophy, Psychology and Anthropology, it goes without exaggeration that marketing at Durham is indeed varied and dynamic.

6. The University of Sussex

The University of Sussex is certainly a top ranking university and rising university in the UK where you could graduate with a viable degree in marketing. The University has managed to display its exemplary performance in the past two years, with its having climbed fourteen places in the Marketing Subject Table. The Graduate Prospects at Sussex have been the driving force to their success, after having skyrocketed from 70% to 90% in just a years’ time. The University thus continues to produce some of the best of breed marketers, all equipped with skills to run almost any corporate world.

5. The University of Reading

The past two years has seen the University of Reading rise four places each year, making a visible impression of the University being a choice for students out to study a marketing degree in the UK. The Graduate Prospects’ shift from a low of 68% to high 80% is another piece of evidence that the University of Reading is a to-go-with choice. The Research Quality of this university stands at the second best place in the Marketing Subject table.

This university is also popular for the integration of other disciplines to marketing more so consumer behaviour. The students are granted the opportunity to go out to the industry to gain skills in this field between the second and the third year.

4. The Royal Holloway, University of London

This is yet an institution that is preparing marketing students to be well placed to carry out the marketing duties in large corporates all over the world. The Royal Holloway has over the past two years risen six places making them among the fast rising Universities from which one can get to acquire a valid and competitive degree. Going through this University equips one with the necessary skills to approach business problems based on a historical and practical approach.

3. The University of Leeds

The university of Leeds still clinches its places among the top three Universities in the UK that are best to study marketing in. this institution still stands clear in its performance, all a fact that can be attributed to its high scores in the Graduate Prospects as well the Entry Standards. The University of Leeds is definitely a global top choice for students seeking to study marketing in the UK.

2. The Lancaster University

Coming to the second top position in the choice for Universities in which to study marketing, we have the Lancaster University. This institution has in the past two years remained at the second best position. The Lancaster University builds its uniqueness in having to follow up on the students during their time of learning and once they leave the institution. This makes it popular for having the best student satisfaction feedback. Coupling that their 86% Graduate Prospect and tight relations with Saatchi& Saatchi, who are great advertisers, this institution stands as a perfect choice for students who are out to acquire a competitive degree in the UK.

1. The University of Bath

The University of Bath comes at the top of the table having managed to maintain an overall best score for the Graduate Prospects, Research Quality, Students satisfaction as well as the Entry Standards. The University allows its students to go out to the industry in the final year thus giving them the required experience and expertise required once they get employed eventually.

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