Is Pipe Bursting Sewer Replacement a Good Idea?

Is Pipe Bursting Sewer Replacement

Pipe BurstingMention the word “pipe bursting” to homeowners and they’ll usually picture a violent explosion of sewer or gas lines to some degree. The truth is, pipe bursting isn’t like that. What is it exactly? A trenchless sewer repair that is anything but explosive- the method replaces your damaged pipes with new ones without ever digging up any large part of your property. If you’ve ever asked “Is pipe bursting sewer replacement a good idea in Dayton?”, then you’ve just come across the right path to get your question answered.

The good in this case is saving both time and money, plus making your home more efficient with the idea of a revolutionary trenchless method. How exactly is it done, and what are the benefits of pipe bursting?

How Is Pipe Bursting Done?

The method is accomplished by running a new pipe through the old, broken pipe, “bursting” it apart as the new line replaces it. This type of trenchless sewer repair makes use of special equipment, but not of the digging, excavating kind. Professional repair technicians use high-end digital inspection cameras to look at the damage in the pipe line; it will help them in assessing and figuring out what caused the damage, then determine where to best insert the new pipes. Pipe bursting is a precision sewer line repair technique that doesn’t require exhaustive yard or garden-digging to find out the source of the problem.

Once the technicians spot the issue and get ready to install the new plumbing, they will set up the bursting head, the lines and the winch. The bursting head is inserted into the sewer line via a machine running through the pipe that needs to be replaced. The head fractures the old sewer or water line while simultaneously putting in the new pipes. The fragments and parts of the old pipe will be sent to the surrounding area as the new pipes are dragged behind it.

Once the work is done, you’ll be able to enjoy your new plumbing system right away.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting

One of the best benefits pipe bursting can provide homeowners is the fact that it doesn’t touch the current landscape and its surface features. Trenchless repair is much less disruptive, which can be an important factor if you have neighbors, pets or if you work from home.

The time frame of repairing a sewer or water pipe line is much shorter if you’re using trenchless technology. The process of inspecting the entire sewer line for the damaged part alone is faster when technicians are using digital equipment. The pipe bursting process can be done in as little as one day.

The costs of having your damaged sewer lines replaced using trenchless technology is also significantly lower than the traditional pipe replacement methods. You pay for less man hours and labor; the materials needed are cheaper yet provide the same solution. The workers will only have to worry about laying in the new pipes via pipe bursting, instead of digging up your yard to find the source of the problem. Last but not the least, pipe bursting won’t give you headaches of repairing your excavated landscape once the sewer lines are fixed.

You don’t have to spend so much in time and money to replace your broken plumbing. Pipe bursting is a really good, if not great idea because it provides so much benefits in a long-lasting plumbing solution.

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