What Should You Know Before Trying a Ketogenic Diet in Leestown VA?

Before Trying a Ketogenic Diet

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Ketogenic Diet
A ketogenic diet is known for being low in its carbohydrate count. Via this diet, the body produces ketones in its liver and these are used as the energy quotients. A ketogenic diet is also called a low carb diet. When anyone eats more carbs, the body on its own will produce glucose and insulin. Glucose, as the case is, is a molecule which the body can convert easily and use as an energy source. Insulin, as such, processes the glucose in the blood.

What else should one be aware of while going on a ketogenic diet?

Glucose is used as the primary source of energy. Fats, thus, are not required and get stored. Usually, when one is on a high carb diet, the body utilizes glucose as its primary energy source. If you lessen the quota of carbs, the body comes into a state of ketosis. This is a natural kind of mode which the body gets into for its proper survival. Ketosis is a state in which the fats break down in the liver to give rise to ketones. The primary objective of this diet is to sort of induce the body into a state of ketosis. The entire process is by starvation of carbs and not of calories. When we have extra fats in our system, our body begins burning ketones for fulfilling its energy requirements. The ideal level of ketones in our system proves beneficial for maintaining an ideal weight, and even physical and mental balance of our systems. One also comes into a state of high energy levels when we are on a ketogenic diet. Since the ketogenic diet makes use of fats for energy in our body, we come into a state of weight loss as well. The insulin level comes down by a sizeable margin, and thus the body turns into a fat breaking machine of sorts.

The keto diet also reduces blood sugar levels due to the kind of food we eat. As per studies, the keto diet is very useful in managing and avoiding diseases like diabetes. Also, if one is in a pre-diabetic state or has Type II diabetes, going on a ketogenic diet really may prove very helpful. In addition, ketones are known to be a good source of fuel for our brain. On lowering our carbs intake, we sidestep issues like spiking blood sugar levels. This also results in proper focus and concentrating powers of our brain. When we are on a ketogenic diet, we have a very trustworthy source of energy for all our activities. We end up feeling very energized and active all through the day and even during the night. Fats, in addition, also make us feel ‘full’ for a longer time. A sound ketogenic diet is also known to be a remedy for epilepsy. It is one of the home therapies which for long have been used for this treatment. The level of medication one needs to be on for epilepsy also goes down by following a ketogenic diet.

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