Eight Ways Of How Best To Make The Most Of Your High Density Storage

High Density Storage

HIGH DENSITY STORAGEHow best to make the most of high density storage is a tricky issue. A lot of thoughting has to go into this process.

1. For starters, one should have a very clean and clear idea about the amount of space which is needed in the concerned unit. If the existing system has to be changed, then why is it so and to achieve which all purposes should be very clear. A space management programme is a must and this should be created by experts in the field.

2. One should have a definite idea about the fastest moving stock items. This will help a lot in handling and retrieval time handling.

3. Be very clear and precise about storing your high density product line. Store like items together so that they can be bunched up. At the time of looking for them, one is sure of where to find them. There should never be an instance when a sales person starts looking around for a product. They should have a very clear know how so that valuable time is not lost when a customer comes looking for a certain item or items. This process becomes simpler when similar goods are stacked together and not placed far apart from each other.

4. It is true that a reliable high density cabinet will have various drawer depths and lengths for different items. There is also a certain plan of the inner drawers, their sizes and their contents.

5. It will simplify matters if the high density cabinets are located somewhat closer to the service counter. If the customer is looking for something from this and is unable to locate it, the service staff can help them out quickly and efficiently without having to move around a long distance.

6. At times, when you know you have a lengthy customer line up, you can even have the high density storage done up twice. This could be somewhere close to each other or even at a distance from one another. Have this counter twice over. Since it is high density traffic that it has inside it and even a large number of customers lining up to get this product line up, it is well worth the investment. This will save queuing up in front of these counters – thereby saving valuable time of the customers and keeping them happy with your service efforts.

7. Sometimes there are items which cannot be stored in high density cabinets. Hence, try high density shelves in this case. The main aim behind all kinds of space and storage management programmes is to keep the customer happy. This will happen if they are able to locate items easily and quickly without asking around for too much help.

8. For an able and efficient high density system to work out well, it is an absolute must for a good labelling system to be introduced. A customer does not wish to get lost in a sea of products. Hence, they should be able to quickly see the label and thus the product they are looking for.

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