ARO Expert Pumps in GA: All the Benefits of Standard Pumps But With More Features And Benefits

Expert Pumps

ARO Expert pumps in GA include all the benefits of standard air-operating pumps, but with significant additional features and benefits as listed below.

• Electronic Interface capability and solenoid actuation allow for accurate cycle rate control and more consistent volume per stroke. Their solenoid control also ensures a precise number of cycles to be fully completed for improved batch repeatability.
• Patented SimulShift™ air-balanced valve design avoids stalling issues associated with other pumps.
• Quick Dump™ check valves divert cold exhaust air from ice-prone components, which prevents freezing downtime
• Available with Long-life PTFE diaphragms that double the service life over a standard version.

ARO Expert Pumps in GA Are Automation-Ready

All Expert Series pumps are enhanced with electronic interface capabilities which provide accurate, electronically-controlled dosing. Combine the pump with the ARO Controller or a PLC- or PC-based system and change from inaccurate, inefficient manual processes to intelligent fluid management.

Benefits include:

• EXP is compatible with almost any automation system;
• Electronic Interface Pumps are now available for hazardous duty environments;
• Leak detection option detects diaphragm failure to help reduce costly production downtime;
• Internal cycle sensor and end-of-stroke signals track end-of-stroke feedback and pump data;
• Preassembled components provide hassle-free and error-proof installation.

High-Performance Diaphragm Pumps
ARO Expert Pumps in GA are:

• Productive: Maximized flow rates + minimized pulsation and air consumption = maximum performance;
• Versatile: Multiple porting options available along with interface options allow you to customize the pump specifically to your OEM application;
• Reliable: Lube-free patented differential valve provides reliable worry-free options and fluid on demand every time;
• Environmentally Sound: Bolted construction in conjunction with a wide range of material options provides maximum chemical and leak resistance;
• Serviceable: Modular construction, reduced parts count and easy-to-use repair kits minimize repair time and cost.
With a choice of either air- or hydraulically-driven piston pumps, ARO provides dependability, economy and precision control to deliver a wide range of process fluids. Whether you need to transfer fuel a meter or higher viscosity fluid or semi-fluids longer distances, ARO has you covered.
ARO also markets a full line of regulators, filters and lubricators to keep your air supply in top condition, enabling your pumps to operate at peak efficiency while reducing maintenance and repairs. This complete offering establishes the premier position of Ingersoll Rand’s ARO brand of positive displacement pumps.
For more detailed information regarding ARO Expert pumps in GA and to get professional advice on choosing the right type to suit your needs, please call our office today to speak with one of our experts.

Keep in mind that we specialize in a variety of advisory and installation services, all designed to help you get the most out of your equipment.

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