About Us

With a local leadership, the social club that has over a 1000 active members and named after the saint watching over us, has been revamping their image to match with current trends, and we are proud to feel fresh and welcoming to all members and new people.

Probably the best club you will find anywhere on the planet, we have a platform that matches the many ages that find peace and relaxation when they come and enjoy our company.

A wide array of members have managed to join and stay active, some who joined in their prime and today are the oldest (60s) prove that our services have an appeal for everyone. Children come and enjoy the spacious grounds we have acquired for them, professional sports personalities hang around and practice regularly in the top of the line courts we have maintained through the times, and revelers enjoy the occasional drinks at a quiet location in the safety of people they grew up with at the club bar.

Along with keeping the traditions that make us a family get together location for decades, we are also fun loving and on the edge of technology. Members have access to one of the fastest access points of internet in the city, and we are constantly adding incentive for the social club to be the coolest place to spend time at.

New members have not been in short supply, and they are not closed from joining in the pleasure we share with current members. A steady growth in membership, compared to the decline seen by other clubs around the country, is solid evidence of the hard work done by our upkeep teams paying off.

Many memories have been made on the lush green spaces accessible to members, and we are proud to be more than just a location – but part and parcel of the lives of everyone that has honored us with membership status.

Being social, we also have businesses meeting up and networking on the conducive hall that has seen thousands of deals successfully signed. You can inquire about this through our contact us page.

We put up a lot of effort to keep club members on the edge of the various reasons they joined the club for, and are proud to have upheld our formative ideas through the trials and environments that we thrived as a club – an extended family.