5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Sewer Pipe Lining Method

Sewer Pipe Lining Method

Before a homeowner calls in a crew of sewer repair professionals to fix a sewer problem in their home, it is important that they review all of their options first. Since technology has advanced in so many industries today, there are some innovations that have been made that completely changes the way many things have been done in the past. In fact, one of the most important changes that homeowners all over the U.S and abroad should know about involves the use of sewer pipe lining method. So, with this topic in mind, here are 5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Sewer Pipe Lining Method.

1- Lining Techniques Universally Applied to Any Damage

Even though there are lot of benefits associated with the sewer pipe lining method, one of the most impressive is that it can be universally applied to any type of damage. In fact, based on the description that most professionals provide to their clients, it is an end-all sewer line repair option. For instance, if a homeowner contacts one of these professionals to complete their jobs, they will find that this technique covers a wide variety of situations including the following:
• Fully absent pipe sections
• Foundation Shifting
• Pipe corrosion and chemical exposure
• Conventional pipe fracturing and cracking
• Orangeburg pipe wear and tear
• Faulty connection joints or mismatched pipes, from an unprofessional installation
• Natural off-setting
• Root penetration and biological activity, even burrowing animal interference

2 – Process is Safer Than Conventional Methods

Another great benefit of these latest technologies is that these repairs are significantly safer than the conventional methods. This is because in the larger-scale digging projects there is a possibility of a number of different risks factors including the family and workers being exposed to underground gases and chemical content.


3 – Linings are Astoundingly Durable

Unlike conventional sewer pipe lines, the pipe lining method is astoundingly durable. Based on the design and the research that has been performed, these new replacement pipes can endure environmental and soil conditions that usually damages the sewer pipes. In fact, they are guaranteed to lasts for at least 50 years.

4 – Liners Eliminate Digging (and its Negative Repercussions!)

In addition to its long lasting and durable features, this newer process has been designed to eliminate the need for digging. Therefore, homeowners and their families are no longer annoyed with large crews of people digging up their beautiful landscapes that they have worked hard for over the years. Instead, when a homeowner chooses this method of sewer repairs, the solution that they select includes a camera inspection that identifies the problems above ground.

5 – Pipe Lining Methods is Cheaper and Faster than Older Methods

This method is also being chosen as a top runner in sewer repairs because of its cost and its time saving capabilities. In fact, homeowners who are aware of these benefits will choose it because the work is usually done in a matter of hours. Meaning it will not only save time, but also money in the reduction of a crew of people doing the work in several days or weeks.

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