5 Signs You May Be Dealing With Chronic Gum Infection in California

Chronic Gum Infection

Periodontal (gum) disease – a bacterial infection caused by plaque – is one of the most predominant and damaging dental conditions. Left untreated it can eventually lead to tooth and bone loss. Today we’re sharing five signs that you may have chronic gum infection in California.

Although many people are often unaware they have gum disease, there are a few warning signs to be on the lookout for. Here are five gum disease symptoms that should prompt a visit to your dentist.

Red, Swollen Gums: Similar to all infections, chronic gum infection in California activates an immune system response that releases antibodies into the gums to attack the bacteria. The subsequent battle results in inflammation (swelling) and a darker redness to the gum tissues that don’t diminish with time.

Bleeding Gums: It isn’t normal for healthy gum tissue, which is quite resilient, to bleed. In a few cases, bleeding may indicate over-aggressive brushing, but more likely it means the tissues have weakened to such an extent by infection they bleed easily.

Tooth Sensitivity: If you notice a burst of pain when you eat or drink something hot or cold or when you bite down, this could mean infected gums have drawn back (receded) from the teeth. Gum recession bares the tooth roots, which are more sensitive to pressure and temperate changes in the mouth. This is another common sign of chronic gum infection in California.

An Abscessed Tooth: As deteriorated gum tissues detach from the tooth, the normally thin gap between them and the tooth deepens to form an abyss known as a periodontal pocket. This often results in an abscess where pus collects in the pocket and causes it to appear redder and more swollen than nearby tissues. An abscess needs immediate attention as bone loss is greatly accelerated compared to normal gum disease.

Tooth Looseness or Movement: As diseased gum tissue causes loss of gum and bone attachment, the affected tooth (or teeth) will begin to feel loose or even move to a different position. This is a late and alarming sign of chronic gum infection in California, and without immediate intervention, you’re in danger of losing the tooth.

If you notice any of these signs, contact us for an examination as soon as possible. The sooner we can diagnose chronic gum infection in California and begin treatment, the less damage it will cause and the better your odds of recovering healthy teeth and gums.

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