5 Major Tips to Improve Your Business Through Online Secure Form Builder

Online Secure Form Builder

Online consumers are becoming increasingly cautious about entering their personal information online. Hackers and scammers are also becoming more and more sophisticated with how they steal data from unsuspecting consumers and businesses. Practically all online businesses use a web form of some kind, and inmost cases, online companies use multiple embedded web forms on their pages. How can you ensure that your customers’ data is safe, and reassure your customer base that the information they enter on your web forms is secure from thieves? Below are five major tips on how online secure form builders can improve your business.

1. Secure forms foster trust with your customers.

Letting your customers know up front that the data they enter is encrypted, PCI compliant, and served across a secure socket layer will help to build trust between your business and customer base. Consumers are becoming more aware of how easily their information can end up in the wrong hands. But if your company makes data security a priority through online form secure builders, you’llincrease your chances of capturing more lead data with your online web forms.

2. Store data in a secure, encrypted format.

Secure online form builders allow you to encrypt your forms so that all the data they collect is transferred and stored in a secure format.

3. GDPR Compliance

If you collect data from consumers in the European Union, it’s critical that your web forms are GDPR compliant. An online form secure builder can give you the option to store your EU customers’ data in secure servers within the European Union.

4. Back-up Your Data

Secure online form builders give you the ability to back up your data within your account settings. Some services will use a ZIP file containing HTML code for your forms, a CSV export of form submissions, and uploaded files. Backups can be downloaded, or stored within an online form builder’s database.

5. Protect forms from spammers.

The best web-based form builders give users CAPTCHA alternatives that make it hard for bots to fill out your form, while stillprotecting the form’s user-friendliness for your leads. Users should have the option to use either CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA. Online form builders often include ways to analyze data gathered during the submission process to determine if a real person or a spambot are entering the data.

6. Limit Submissions

For added protection from spammers and bots, it’s also possible to limit your form submissions to one IP address each, or from one device each. You may even have the option to enable both limitations for your web forms. You can also choose to disable certain forms at specific times or place a limit on how many forms can be submitted before disabling the form.

7. Account Security

Online forms should only link to your business account within the online form secure builder. All account information and data should be transferred in a secure, encrypted format. An online form secure builder program can allow account holders to create secure sub-users, or create access rights for an individual form if needed.

As more and more activities and processes enter the online world, data privacy and data protection will become increasingly important. If you want to protect your business from hackers, foster trust with your customer base, and ensure that your business is data compliant, make sure you use an online form secure builder from a reputable software company.

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